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Upper Network for Organizations

Why do so many leadership development programs fail

to live up to their organizational potential?  

Why don’t our programs grow the individual, and the organization as a whole?

How can we leverage the programmatic investment to benefit long term growth?

What if there was a better way to create, run and score a membership development program? 

There is with Upper Network.

Upper Network for Me

Through personalized coaching, students and professionals can get the support they need to be successful.  Looking for an internship, job, career move, or promotion? Wanting to find ways to access the right people to be successful in your career?  Upper Network coaches are on standby to assist individual users find mentors and manage special relationships.  

24/7 Coach on Call.  Research Support Staff.  Connect now to your people. 

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Developing and measuring soft skills is one of the most important things we can be doing to advance business.  A leadership program run on the Upper Network platform takes your talent development to the next level.  Can you afford to have your members lack access to the mentors and insights they need to be successful?

Scott A. Jones
Co-Founder of Upper Network

The Upper Network Story

Upper Network has figured out how to institutionalize the benefits of leadership programs to provide more robust growth to businesses and universities.  Scott Jones, one of Indiana’s top investors, inventors and philanthropists,  partnered with long-time capital campaign consultants and alumni fundraisers, Wade and Kaki Garard, to establish Upper Network in 2014.  Together with our other board members, Doug Harlan, Executive Vice President of Harlan Bakeries and John Green, Executive Chairman of Founders Brewing Company, we have taken  leadership development + alumni engagement programs and married them to a technology platform that serves retail customers as well as university and fraternal clients.  Upper Network also has developed curriculum that makes leadership & membership programs actually work. 
In 2017, Upper Network was happy to announce the hiring of Jesse Hile as Executive Vice President.  Jesse’s backgroud in alumni associations, higher education, education technology, and leadership coupled with the technology prowess of Terrence Kunstek, President, Eleven Fifty Consulting, will serve our many clients well.

Who We Are

Jesse Hile
Executive Vice President 
Founder & Coach, Next Level Guidance 
Business Consultant, Tabco 
Community Volunteer & Philanthropist
Life Member, Indiana State University Alumni Association

Scott Jones
Co-Founder & Board Member

Tech Investor & Philanthropist
Inventor of Voicemail
Founder, GraceNote
Founder, Eleven Fifty Academy


Terrence Kunstek
Co-Founder & President, Eleven Fifty Consulting

Director of Engineering with ChaCha
Co-Creator Eleven Fifty Academy


David Willkie
Co-Founder & Partner

Angel Tech Investor
Business Consultant
       Former Sr. Aid to Sen. Richard Lugar

Rush County Chamber of Commerce Board 
Rushville, IN 


Kaki Garard
Co-Founder & Head of Research

Co-Founder, Odyssey
Millennial Coach & Prospect Researcher
Long-time Capital Campaign Consultant 


John Green
Co-Founder & Board Member

Executive Chairman, Founders Brewing Co.
Chairman, Locus Development
Co-Founder & Lead Director, Odyssey 
           Community Leader & Philanthropist  Grand Rapids, MI


Wade Garard
Co-Founder & Board Member

President, MotorMVB
Co-Founder, Odyssey
Former Foundation Executive
Long-time Capital Campaign Consultant


Doug Harlan
Co-Founder & Board Member

Executive Vice President, Harlan Bakeries
Managing Director, Harlan Companies
Co-Founder & Board Director, Odyssey
Community Leader & Philanthropist Indianapolis, IN

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